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A Bone Setting & Fascia Stretch Therapy Studio ReBalance™ Therapy- founded in 🇸🇬 Integration of advanced fascia stretch + traditional bone-setting to awaken your body's ability to heal from pain.


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If You Can Add Life To Your Years
And Years To Your Life - Would you?

It is Time To Be Free From Pain.

About Us

What is ReBalance™ Therapy?

ReBalance™ Therapy is a revolutionary approach to holistic well-being developed by Master Practitioner Andrew Ng, the founder and trainer of Rebalance clinic. This methodology seamlessly integrates professional fascia stretch therapy and traditional bone-setting techniques to guide individuals towards achieving improved skeletal alignment and unlocking their body's inherent ability
to self-heal from various aches and pains.

How was ReBalance™

Therapy conceived?

The genesis of ReBalance™ Therapy can be traced back to Master Andrew's extensive experience as a professional trainer spanning over a decade. During his journey, he encountered the transformative practices of fascia stretch therapy and bone-setting treatments while focusing on rehabilitation training. Witnessing the remarkable impact these methods had on promoting a healthy, flexible, and pain-free body deeply inspired Andrew. Recognizing the potential synergies between these two approaches, he dedicated himself to studying and mastering both techniques.

Andrew Ng realized that while fascia stretch therapy and bone-setting were individually exceptional, their combined application held the key to achieving optimal pain alleviation for his clients. Motivated by this insight, ReBalance™ Therapy was conceived as a unique fusion of these methodologies, offering a comprehensive solution for individuals seeking sustainable relief from bodily discomfort.

ReBalance™ Mission

The mission of ReBalance™ Therapy is rooted in  Master Andrew's commitment to empowering clients of all ages. Through this innovative therapy, he aims to help individuals identify the root causes of body pain and manage them effectively with long-lasting results. Beyond mere pain relief, Andrew envisions a proactive approach to well-being, where clients are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to maintain optimal spine health in their daily lives. ReBalance™ Therapy serves as a holistic pathway to achieving not only physical comfort but also fostering a deeper understanding of the body's innate capacity for self-healing and resilience.

*What is fascia, and what does fascia stretch therapy do?

Fascia is a thin casing of connective tissue that surrounds every organ, blood vessel, bone, nerve fibre and muscle in our body and keeps them in place.  Healthy fascia is designed to stretch with flexibility as you move.  But in a stressed state, the fascia tightens and causes issues like body pains, limited mobility, sluggish blood circulation and more.

Fascia stretch therapy refers to a professionally-assisted table-based stretching that aims to improve the fascia's flexibility to achieve tension release, improve circulation, and enhance flexibility, among others.  You may also have heard of myofascial release, a different (more superficial) form of fascia therapy using trigger-point bodywork.  Other commonly-used mainstream techniques to loosen the fascia include cupping therapy, specialised foam rolling, even yoga sequences.

**What is bone setting therapy?

Otherwise known as "Ti Tar" or "Dit da" translate into Chinese word 跌打.  Traditionally, bone setting is a manual mobilisation process that involves repositioning and realignment of the spine, joints, ligament and muscles for conditions like sprains, dislocation and even fractures.  A highly effective treatment when performed by a specialist, it does have its limitations, since bone and ligament manipulation can only go as far as the fascia allows.

We all yearn for freedom, to live and to be.

The ReBalance™ Therapy centres around pain relief

you can feel right away and results that will last.

If you are in pain, look this way.


Body pain is real,

but so is the efficacy of our treatments. 

Backaches and joint pains are more curable and manageable than you know- 

and we'll prove why.

Pre-Teen or Young Adults

Middle-age or Elderly

Accomplished Athlete or Sports Enthusiast

The Non-Surgical Pain Relief Solution That Works Long Term.

Watch your life flourish when pain leaves.

Our Children's Health Is Everything. 

Because we are parents too.  So we don't take lightly the fact that undetected spinal misalignments in childhood have the potential to become more significant complications with each passing year.

In this era, our children's bodies take on more stress than ever before (we're talking about prolonged sitting hours, ultra-heavy school bags, poor postural habits, hours of sports training for some, the list goes on).


Identifying and treating any misalignments or bodily imbalances early on will allow a healthy, functioning spine and nervous system that is crucial for optimal development.


Your child has unlimited potential- let's enable them to give their best.

We Value Our Senior Clients

Are you ready to experience new freedom with greater mobility?

ReBalance™ therapy can massively reduce your pain and help you increase mobility and movement range- whether you're suffering from arthritis, osteoporosis or other ailments that come naturally with age. Our treatment does not interfere with any medical prescriptions that you may be on.

Other benefits of ReBalance™ Therapy (apart from pain relief) includes:

- improved mobility so that you can live a fuller daily life 

- better balance, reducing your chances of falls

- reduced injuries, feel lighter and stronger.

Experience for yourself what it is like to melt away years of hardship 

from your bones with each ReBalance™ session.

Be on top of your game.

Whether you are a sports and dance enthusiast, athlete or weekend runner- 

perform your best when your musculoskeletal system is at its peak. 

ReBalance™  Therapy is excellent for injuries and perfect as preventive care. 


If you have the desire to improve your performance, identify potentially-weak (injury-prone) body areas and reduce muscle recovery time, it's time to speak with us.

Go on, live with the freedom you were born to have.

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